Pet Parenting Made Easy

In Phase I of this project, Moby was gearing up towards diving into the developing the utilitarian app, which was equipped with a chat bot and a bundle of other features that would help make pet ownership a little easier. The project was then re-evaluated and changed directions.

Scritch, which means a deep, soothing scratch to show affection for your pet, was the name of the new app. Scritch gives you on-the-go access to all the pet parenting resources you may need, both in the app and on the web version. The app is completely free and is packed with a plethora of features to help make pet parenting easy—some limited as app only features.

Hitting All The (Scritch) Spots

The client wanted this app to truly house as many useful features as possible, without being daunting. The app aims to create a space where pet parenting is made easier on pet owners. Users can see and share cute pet photos, explore pet-friendly places and events and also learn and care for their pet.

Community Feed

The community feed is a social feed exclusively for pets — be prepared to lose track of time! Moby uses a special set of technical elements and intricate logic that makes up the algorithm that will ensure users see a variety of content at all times


Find answers to your pet-related questions, see what’s trending within the Scritch community, learn about training and more.


Bring your furry buddy with you on your next outing. Use Scritch’s map feature to find pet-friendly places and events near you. 


Scritch is equipped with sound effects to help get the attention of your distracted pet. After you snap a photo of your pet being adorable, try adding one of our filters and fun stickers before sharing them out to the Scritch community.


With Scritch, you’ll be able to keep track of all your pet’s details, including care notes, records, medications, pet insurance information, as well as their veterinarians—all in one spot!

Ensure your pet’s information is accessible to everyone by sharing out their care notes with pet sitters, groomers and pet lodging.

But Wait, There's More!

If that wasn’t enough, Scritch has even more features. Users can enter contests, find care and events nearby as well as add to their fur-family!

Share the Pawsitivity

The new Scritch app was a completely collaborative effort. Endless hours of design, development, project management and co-company tag teaming were had to ensure that this app would truly stand up to its ethos: Pet parenting made easy. This was a pawsitive experience and Moby will continue to work with the members at Scritch to continually enhance the app.

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