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Pagliacci Pizza

Pagliacci Pizza is known for creating delicious, high quality pizza. They are so devoted to their community and employees, they’ve become a Seattle institution — especially when ordering pizza on Friday night.

For 40 years, they’ve been interacting with their customers though multiple restaurant locations and by directly talking with customers via their much-loved call center. Their reps are the best in the business, known for being attentive, knowledgable, and personable.

However, relying on a phone call for each order doesn’t scale well, and doesn’t address their growing customer base who would prefer ordering from an app.

Their challenge was to create an app that could be just as personalized, fast, and easy as calling an order in.


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Delivering the best pizza (app)

Moby packed the Pagliacci app full of features that will help users place their order quickly while letting them reap the rewards through the new Pags Reward Program.

  • Pagliacci Food Menu Screen

    Food Menu

  • Pagliacci Product Detail Screen

    Product Detail

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Innovative UI solution for quick reordering

The quick-order menu is a key design element that puts personalized recommendations one swipe away.

Much of the app audience are customers who order from Pagliacci regularly. They're used to calling on the phone, having the rep know all about their previous orders, and quickly being able to order "whatever we did last Friday night." The app required an even faster and easier analog.

From the home screen, users can swipe up to reveal their favorite orders and order history. This allows loyal customers to reorder their favorite meals very quickly — just 15 seconds, on average.

Pagliacci Product Detail Screen

Flicks are fast. Buttons are commitments.

Andrew H. - Loyal Pagliacci Customer

During user testing we discovered that people loved swiping up quickly vs tapping a menu item to get to quick ordering. It’s fun, fast, and engaging.

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Creating a new standard

Upon launch the app caused a major shift in Pagliacci's customer engagement. In short order it delivered on it's goal of reducing call center volume by more than 30% (and still growing). It's has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, and it gets excellent reviews both in person and in store.

The app's design and user experience allows customers to feel the same strong connection with Pagliacci in a sustainable and growth focused platform. With key features such as Quick Order Menu, favoriting of pizzas and entire orders, Pags Loyalty Rewards benefits, and a gorgeous food menu that encourages exploration and purchasing the mobile app has changed what users expect in an ordering app.

A Best-in-Class Mobile Ordering Experience. Delivered.

4.9 STARS // 5.1 K RATINGS

Pagliacci Rating Stars

I don't expect much out of apps for single use places but this one is soo well done. It's easier to order from the app than online or by phone!

ErikaSeattle - Appstore User

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