Great solutions take great people

Moby is a team of smart and innovative designers, strategists, engineers who craft digital products people love. We share common fascination with how well-designed can impact our lives — even change the world.

Moby — Behind the name

The studio is privately owned and run by Tim Moser (Mo-) and James Jacoby (-by). James brings an impressive resume and passion for all things development. He's been creating cutting edge experiences since Flash was all the rage. Tim's background is in design and user experience, and evangelizes for close design and development collaboration.

Moby SEO

Created in reaction, driven by action

Moby was created in reaction to agency work that Tim and James were seeing at the time. It was slow, inefficient, and it treated the client as an outsider. They wanted to work some place where collaboration between design, development, and strategy were embraced and nourished.

Moby started as a two person team with big ideas on how to bring the third person, the client, into that team.

About Aerial Work

A melting pot of thinkers and makers

We are a smart, dedicated, and passionate crew who loves working in the digital world. Our office reflects our culture; bright, friendly, open, and yet peaceful and focused. We're a team that gets together for spirited brainstorming sessions and then focus on the task at hand while listening to our favorite tunes.

About Team Together

Our Principles

  • How we do it

  • Users come first

    Before pencil meets paper we work with you and the end users to understand the full context of the product. Who are we designing for? What problems are they having? How will this product solve their problems? We always design for the end user and approach every problem to solve their needs in a creative, engaging, and simple way.

    Collaboration is key

    You're not in this alone. We rely on you to bring in-depth knowledge of your business and customers to the table, and we bring years of experience building digital products. Then, throughout the process our teams collaborate and validating decisions with users and stakeholders. Ensuring the product that is introduced to users is embraced and successful.

    Be creative storytellers

    We want everything we create to a point of view and story that jumps off the screen for to the user. By cultivating a deep understanding of your industry, brand, customers, and vision we can help shape the brand story that's represented in every part of the experience. Whether that's a brand site or app icon.

    Build it right

    We love diving into new technology and often take the role of a CTO for our clients – advising and choosing major components in their new technology stack while creating a sustainable dev-ops workflows for the new company. Often we're not just creating a product for you but helping create a new technology company, and we use our years of experience to guide us in developing every part of your product.

Our Clients

Connecting to create a better business

We've been building great things for great people since 2011.

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