Sound United

Sound United is a leader in speaker design and manufacturing, creating top of the line speaker systems with a focus on home theater component audio. They challenged Moby to build not just an ecommerce site but a robust and feature rich ecommerce platform that could run both Polk Audio and Definitive Technology's global multi-million dollar revenue generating sites.

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Two Brands, One Source

Using the Craft CMS and Craft Commerce, we created two evergreen sites for Sound United's main brands: Polk Audio and Definitive Technology.

Each site reflects the two distinct brand personalities while sharing the same backend and codebase. Using Atomic Design principles, we created the sites using a system of content blocks that can be rearranged and changed directly from the CMS without touching a single line of code.

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Robust Craft Content Management System

Craft Commerce was a perfect fit to power these sites. It's functionality and unmatched flexibility allows developers to control every aspect, from product modeling to order processing workflows. On top of that, the setup is a breeze for developers, and the everyday management tasks are quick and easy.

Craft CMS, allows us to give the content manager experience the attention it deserves. This is not a “you get what you get” CMS — we set Craft up to meet Sound United’s specific needs. And with a flexible backend, Craft also allows the sites to support long-term maintenance.

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Responsive Design for an Internationally-known Brand

With more and more of daily browsing being done on mobile platforms we designed and built every page on the Definitive Technology and Polk Audio websites to be 100% responsive.

These sites were designed from the ground up for any screen size, so every customer gets the best experience possible. Our ethos when working on content strategy and functionality was

"If it’s not important enough for mobile, it’s not important enough for desktop."

While that sentiment isn't that odd these days it was a major break from internal and industry thinking at the time – especially for an ecommerce site.


Harmonious Connection

Throughout this project our designers worked closely with Sound United’s design team and our development team to integrate with their internal systems. Together, we created two of the most powerful, maintainable, and flexible websites ever built with Craft Commerce — ones that Sound United controls from the backend to the front end.

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