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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance was the first pet insurance company to have an app and do away with requiring a claim form. Their drive to help pet parents through technology lead them to us, and eventually to our conceptualization of Buddy: Your Virtual Pet Assistant.


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Meet Buddy

Buddy was a cross between cutting edge mobile app design, and an AI driven customer service chat experience. He would be capable of helping you set reminders, fetch vaccination information, create care notes, submit a claim to your pet insurance company and so much more. Buddy went well beyond a normal chat-bot decision tree, and was able to comprehend context-aware requests and fulfill them.

In addition to the robust assistant the app allows pet parents to enter reminders, pet care information such routines and feeding needs, medical information and documentation, and access their Healthy Paws insurance details.

  • Buddy Screen Chat

    Buddy Chat

  • Buddy Screen Reminders

    Reminders - Events

  • Buddy Screen Routine

    Care - Routine

  • Buddy Screen Vaccine

    Health - Vaccines

  • Buddy Screen Vaccine Detail

    Vaccine Detail Page

  • Buddy Screen Pet Insurance

    Health - Pet Insurance

Beyond a chat-bot

Moby and Healthy Paws took to Trello to outline all the possible features that could be in Buddy. How would the user interact with Buddy? What was Buddy’s personality? How natural would the conversation be? These were all taken into consideration as we started curating the scripts for all the possible interactions Buddy would be able to accommodate.

Buddy Trello
Buddy Screen Fetch Status

We created a chat interface that married with the app's features for anything entry related. For example adding a pet was done via talking with Buddy instead of filling out a form like in a conventional app. This really helped pet parents engage Buddy in our usability testing which lets us gather more information for the app without it feeling burdensome.

Buddy Cat


Pet parenting made easy

This project took a slight change in course – Healthy Paws loved the work so much that they wanted to expand the features beyond a solely utilitarian app into something more social and community driven. The Scritch - Pet Parenting app was born out of our hard work and collaboration on Buddy, and many of the features and design live on in that app.

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