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Scritch - Pet Parenting

Scritch (which means a deep, soothing scratch to show affection for your pet) is a new social media and pet parenting app. It was created in partnership with Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation | Aon as a way to help their pet parent customs connect with one another and organize the lives of those special members of the family.

The challenge in designing this app was to create something that used the latest in social media experiences and game-loops to engage users over a long timeline while also competing for attention against other social media platforms. In addition the executive teams at Healthy Paws and Aon wanted to bring as many pet-parenting features into the app so that pet parents could use the app to find new places, manage documentation, share details of their pets with caregivers, and even partner with adoption agencies and foundations to match you with your next purfect companion.


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Pet parenting made easy

In order to truly house as many useful features as possible, without being daunting we created specialized sections of the app.

The first, and most widely used area, is the the Community and Leaning area. The community feed is a social feed exclusively for photos for pets. Moby uses a special set of technical elements and intricate logic that makes up the algorithm that will ensure users see a variety of content at all times.

Along with user generated social posts this area of the app allows users to read engaging educational content from trusted partners.

Additionally, it has robust social engagement and notification to pull users back into the app through sponsored photo contests and scavenger hunts with great prizes and in-app social credit.

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Other primary features of the app aims to create a space where pet parenting is made easier on pet owners. Users can use Scritch’s Nearby feature to find pet-friendly places and events near them.

Or use the Pet Management features keep track of all their pet’s details, including care notes, records, medications, pet insurance information, as well as veterinarians. Then they can take that pet information share out care notes or documents with pet sitters, groomers and pet lodging.

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Upon reviewing the app, I was amazed at not only the functionality, but also the philosophy behind the app.

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Hitting all the (Scritch) spots

The client team and user base love the app. The app quickly took off with a growing community sharing thousands of adorable photos and participating in contests and content creation. The re-engagement notifications, contests, photo editing tools, and other gamification mechanics bring pet parents into the app daily.

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