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Pagliacci has been serving Seattle's Best pizza since 1979, predating “The great wave of Seattle pizza”. Started by three locals (all Italian) who just wanted a place to go for good pizza, Pagliacci has become a local institution in Seattle. 

Since its founding in 1979, Pagliacci Pizza has been driven by the mission to deliver the best-tasting, highest quality pizza possible to the Great Seattle area. From our perspective, they hit the nail on the head every time! But beyond serving up great pizza with quality ingredients, Pagliacci is passionately dedicated to its community. This translates into them being well-known for fostering great experiences, sourcing local ingredients when possible, being a trailblazer for sustainability, and providing stellar customer-service.   

It is this last point that was one of the guiding forces behind Pagliacci’s desire to create a mobile app, providing yet another fast and convenient way for its customers to order their pizza on the go. And the goals for the app reflected this “above and beyond” customer service mantra, as well:

  • Create an app experience that is a joy to use, easy and convenient
  • Showcase a robust ordering ecosystem that seamlessly connects web, phone and in-store experiences
  • Highlight great customer service and personalize the mobile experience

External Challenge

Introducing a new app in a competitive market where there is no shortage of pizza ordering apps presented the first challenge to meet. The second was high user expectations for quality, service, and features due to the exponential influx of food delivery apps over the last five years.

Pagliacci’s highly trained customer service reps take great care of their customers (and drivers). Known for being attentive, knowledgable and personable—we knew these were attributes we had to compete with.

Research and Development

Moby conducted an extensive competitive analysis to identify and evaluate Pagliacci’s top competitors, focusing on their offerings, target audience, usability standards, and overall brand look and feel. However, knowing the app needed to have a competitive advantage over more than the pizza delivery market, Moby expanded its research from direct competitors to indirect ones. We looked at broader features and customer impressions to see what worked and, maybe more importantly, what didn’t work. These learnings were an integral part of planning out the Pagliacci app.

Creative Drive

After several brainstorms with the client, Moby honed in on the overarching creative objective. Simplicity has no alternative, so above all else, the Pagliacci app needed to allow users to place orders easily and quickly. The look and feel of the app honors this by being photo-centric with clean lines and distinct calls to action. 

Real Humans. Real Reactions.

Moby created two low-fidelity prototypes to facilitate usability testing, designed to help determine whether or not our proposed navigation UI was clear and simple to follow. We had a wide range of volunteers from those who were very comfortable navigating food delivery apps to those who were on the opposite end of that spectrum.

Analyzing how each volunteer handled the app and navigated through the prototypes, we took note of commentary and recorded any confusions or struggles. The usability testing revealed that a card-based navigation system, was popular and straight forward for the testers to use.

"Flicks are fast. Buttons are commitments."
Andrew H.

The Works

Moby packed the Pagliacci app full of features that will help users place their order quickly while letting them reap the rewards through the new Pags Reward Program.

Quick Order

With the flick of a card on the home screen, users can quickly access and reorder up to the last five previously made orders, whether made in-store, online, or through the app.

Find A Store Near You

The Pagliacci app helps users find a nearby location for pickup or dine-in options. If users allow location services, the app will show dynamically display which Pagliacci locations are closest to their current spot. If users don’t allow location services, they can still search by zip code or address to find nearby Pagliacci. 


Many people have their go-to items—those tried and true favorites. The Pagliacci app allows users to favorite single standard items, customized items, or even an entire order so that they can quickly order exactly what they want, whether a 17-inch Original Cheese pizza, an 11-inch gluten-free 12th Man Primo pizza with extra mozzarella and no olives, or an order of breadsticks, centioli, and chocolate gelato. 

Pags Rewards Program

Loyalty pays and Pagliacci wants to acknowledge that. The launch of the Pagliacci app introduced the Pags Reward Program where users can earn points known as Pags for every dollar they spend, which can then be redeemed at anytime either in the app or in-store. 

Give the People What They Want

Pagliacci’s customers have been wanting an app since online ordering was available—and we hope we delivered. We will be working closely with Pagliacci to make this app even better with each update and include new features and integrations along the way.

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