Keeping Fluke Running, Full Steam Ahead

We’ve partnered with Fluke Corporation and its subsidiary, Fluke Biomedical, on multiple projects, including sales team mobile applications, custom content management products, and a continued rollout of customized promotion programs, empowering Fluke’s 30,000 member salesforce to be more effective through incentives and easy sales reporting.

Fluke Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Danaher Corporation based in Everett, Washington, is the world leader in the manufacturing, distribution and service of electronic test tools and software. Since 1948, Fluke has helped define and grow a unique technology market, providing testing and troubleshooting capabilities now considered vital in many industries that require precise calibration or monitoring.

We have been fortunate enough to work with Fluke’s executive and product teams to establish a host of products for both Fluke Corporate and the Fluke Biomedical division, netting overwhelmingly positive results.

Virtual Sales Assistant

Fluke Corporate came to us to improve communication between their sales teams and the corporate office. This required evaluating the priorities and goals of the entire company and tailoring the application and content management system to each department. The result is the Fluke Virtual Sales Assistant, or Fluke VSA, an internal corporate sales tool that provides a vast sales network with the tools they need to track their sales engagements, receive all product and promotional info, and communicate with their leads in a whole new way. The VSA goes well beyond just an app; it's a fundamental shift in how Fluke and their sales networks communicate with each other and their clients.

Fluke VSA is available for phones and tablets on iOS, and Android.

Teach a Person to Fish…

We believe in creating products that enable our clients and partners to be self-sufficient. Fluke’s marketing and sales support teams should be able to quickly and easily update the app’s content, structure and audience targeting. We architected an all-new, powerful CMS that could scale to tens of thousands of users.

Using both custom solutions and our own client and server-side SDK, Anode, we were able to build out an all-inclusive system that was secure, user-friendly and manageable for the Fluke team.

Real Users, Real Usability

Application usability was of the utmost importance. The Fluke VSA had a huge amount of functionality that had to be intuitive for any user, in any role, at any level. To kick off the design process our team conducted in-depth usability studies with a variety of roles. We also spent several days at Fluke headquarters, working with the sales reps themselves. During these meetings, we produced an interactive prototype for users to interact with as we were exploring possible features and how they should work.

This process of collaborative brainstorming immediately followed by reviewing interactive sketch wireframes lead to a solid understanding, and validation, of the needs of the user. The prototypes were instrumental in getting internal buy-off on the project – after all, proposing a company wide switch onto a new communication platform is not a small ask.

Enabled by Anode SDK

While we were designing and developing the Fluke CMS, we created the Anode SDK to enable quick and easy API development. Anode is a flexible client and server-side communication layer SDK for JavaScript, iOS and Android that helps to reduce setup effort for custom API integrations.

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Always Has Your Back

Fluke Biomedical leads the world in the manufacture of biomedical test and simulation products. They also provide some of the most trusted solutions for regulatory compliance in their field.

Fluke Biomedical first approached us based on our work with Philips Healthcare. They needed a way to deliver up-to-date product information, sales training and guidance to the sales team. Additionally, they needed to deliver more marketing information to potential customers. We started a course of business requirements validation and user needs assessments, resulting in our recommendation for a comprehensive, user-friendly application for the iPad that could serve both audiences.

The Fluke Biomedical Information Center iPad application is more than a convenient location for data; it’s also a productivity tool — sophisticated, yet simple enough to allow sales representatives to present to prospects on-screen or via projector.

Everything in One Place

Before the Fluke Biomedical app, sales teams were forced to comb through various websites, server shares and other less convenient locations in order to find necessary product information. Now the app allows the mobile salesforce access to sales and informational resources, secured through our custom built content management system.

Comprehensive Tailored Content Management

Allowing customers and employees in the same app can be tricky. While some of the content is shared between user groups, certain pieces are sales specific and need to be controlled. The content management system we built for the Fluke Biomedical application allows Fluke to grant access at a highly defined level — by company, region or individual role, each working in tandem with a robust user credential permission model.

Sales Incentives that Move the Needle

The Carrot Platform is a web-based intelligent competition engine that allows organizations to easily create and manage contests and promotions to drive user engagement. Fluke is always looking for ways to motivate and reward their sales teams beyond a standard bonus and commission structure. They often run contests, offer spiffs and hand out prizes, but these contests were often difficult to arrange and support.

The Carrot contest and promotion platform, built by Moby, has been a huge effort/time saver for Fluke.
Curt Andersen - Fluke Channel Marketing Manager

Fluke came to us to streamline their contest and promotion process for their sales teams. We worked closely with them to incorporate national level sales incentives into the Carrot platform, allowing promotions to be run with the ease (and cost) of a typical office-to-office pool.

Before Carrot, Fluke used a manual process that created long lead times. Now, they can easily create, manage and fulfill contests and promotions in a fraction of the time while increasing sales participation with fast and reliable prize fulfillment.

In addition, Fluke uses Carrot to incentivize sales representatives who also sell competitor’s products by providing a single location to report sales data and receive rewards. We even integrated the Carrot platform directly into the Fluke Virtual Sales Assistant.

Carrot is available to every organization seeking to manage either internal or consumer-facing contests and promotions. Carrot can help your company run more engaging and profitable contests and promotions. Find out how

A Measured Approach

The nature of Fluke’s business and products are based on testing, requirements and validation. When they sought a partner to evaluate and architect their next course of action, we had no problem measuring up. From the first engagement, there has always been a compatibility between Moby and Fluke. Our alignment in philosophy and methods fosters trust and supports an environment of iterative collaboration, resulting in successful new products for both organizations.

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