SelfCollect came to us for product strategy, marketing, website design and development. As we learned more about their vision, its potential became apparent. It’s not often we’re involved in a project that has such a direct impact on the health of the user. The largest challenge was dealing with the sensitive nature of sexually transmitted diseases. Together with the SelfCollect team, we let empathy guide our decisions throughout the project. The result is a product that empowers customers to take control of their sexual health.

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Empowering sexual health with at home STD testing

The social stigma attached to sexually transmitted diseases made designing SelfCollect’s brand and site a tricky problem. We had to convey important medical information in a calm and reassuring manner. The site’s visual design, illustration style, and copy was inspired by their team’s professional medical experience which helps distinguishing them from their competitors. In the spirit of true medical professionals, education and reassurance was the priorities.

The end result is a product that is human, professional and trustworthy.

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Building a Brand

The site’s copy was especially challenging. Talking about sexual health can be very intimidating. Site visitors are likely in a very sensitive, emotional frame of mind, and a poorly chosen word can cut short their engagement. We avoided jargon where possible and used empowering, reassuring language to help put visitors at ease.

The illustration style was influenced by the positive and simple keywords. The color palette uses an array of blues, creams and whites that convey cleanliness and simplicity. Throughout the site, illustrations are used to help explain abstract concepts while keeping a sense of warmth.

Self Collect Style Tile

An animated introduction

Using the SelfCollect voice and illustration style, we created a short animated video explaining how the service works. Quickly and succinctly, the narrator outlines the convenience of at home STD testing and how it works.

In the animation itself, we used a lightbulb to represent the SelfCollect service. All the action centers on a house, a representation of the convenience of the service. The light bulb turns on in the beginning to illuminate a new way of doing things. The customer’s hand turns it off at the end to show their control of the situation.


Successfully bringing reassuring, educational, and accessible at home testing to the market

It’s not often that we’re a part of something that’s truly lifesaving. Working within the sexual health field has been a humbling experience for all of us at Moby, and something SelfCollect does every single day. We are thrilled they gave us the opportunity to design materials for such a high-quality product, and we are proud to have played a part in giving people access to such trustworthy, impactful, and professional medical services.

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The team at Moby recently developed our complex, medically related e-commerce website.

Our experience working with all personnel at Moby could not have been better. They were professional, intuitive, and supportive from day one. Their attention to scheduling detail, website structure, and immense creativity was excellent, providing us with the confidence that our ultimate goal of a functional and engaging website would evolve in a timely manner.

The final product has exceeded our expectations. I would recommend Moby, to anyone seeking website development and ancillary e-commerce structures.

Jennifer Solomon, Selfcollect, LLC.

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