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PitchPerfect is a conceptual project exploring the next generation of digital jukeboxes – changing the way music fans connect with musicians and each other, musician compensation and how establishments build relationships with their customers.


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Culture, Not Commodity

Eye-catching, easy to use and bold in its scope, PitchPerfect is the digital jukebox for the 21st century. It bridges the divide between the digital music market and real world experiences that are shaping an increasingly connected generation. PitchPerfect is an innovative blend of convenient, intuitive features with a business model that respects musicians and their creative works.

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Innovative mobile app

The mobile app was designed to give users the control over any restaurant or space they're visiting – a modern jukebox experience. Not only could they queue what will play next, but also interact with other visitors, get credits and awards for DJ-ing, vote on the music that's playing, and even request a volume change.

The app isn't just for venue visitors but also had features that would equip musicians and labels to interact directly with their fans. There has been a good deal of press about streaming music and musician compensation, but very little has been written about how most performers make the bulk of their living: live performances and merchandising. Pitch Perfect is posed to facilitate both needs directly from musician to fans.

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    Concert Experience

    One of our goals was to adapt the product to work with what users are already doing. We allowed musicians to reward fans by live-streaming their concerts into specific venues.

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    In-venue Experience

    A smart TV works in conjunction with the mobile app to show everyone in the venue what's next, who's DJ-ing, and even integrates an optional ad network.

Venue dashboard

To support venues, we provide a dashboard that gives the manager insight about their PitchPerfect customers. They can see granular data was well as room trends. Special, high-frequency customers, called “Celebrities,” are called out at the top of the dashboard, allowing venues to focus their attention on the most lucrative patrons. The dashboard also enables venues to easily issue coupons and incentives while tracking their performance.

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When it comes to something as personal as music, we know every venue has a unique mood. We built in the ability to accommodate different styles, so venues can manage their playlists and settings to create the perfect vibe for any atmosphere.

Curated playlists encourage desired behaviors in patrons, from “Increase food and drink sales” to “Clear out, it’s closing time.” Venues can set rules for which musicians and songs can be played, and implement smart features, like Auto Volume, which automatically adjusts volume levels based on ambient noise.

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Working in Harmony

The PitchPerfect team came to us with open minds and a driving goal to bring valuable tools to musicians. As we worked on this project, we became subject matter experts as well. Each meeting was a opportunity to learn from each other and become more than the sum of our parts. What emerged is a strong tool on the side of musicians and venue owners. It’s a tool we are excited to see and use one day in the wild.

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