LightArt Configurator

As part of the new LightArt Website we created a robust product configuration wizard that helps guide customers through product options, and order hand-crafted custom lighting fixtures easily.

The goal of the configurator is to allow consumers and trade professionals understand a dizzying array of options for each fixture. A clean and educational interface needed to be created to guide them through the process.


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It's all in the SKU

The primary axiom on the configurator is that you're working step by step to create a SKU. While the idea of a SKU isn't new to most products it is to the LightArt community. The website introduces the concept of the SKU to their users and how it can be a powerful tool for communicating details about a product.

Once the customer builds a SKU by answering easy multiple choice questions they have the ability to save it for later, print a detailed summery sheet to include in their product proposals, email and share it via the app, and even send a quote request directly to LightArt.

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Ordering without error

The product configurator helped switch LightArt's customers from an unguided, error prone, and hard to duplicate ordering process to a repeatable and concise vocabulary for products. It's helped streamline external and internal communications. In fact it's been embraced by LightArt's sales teams to easily create products with clients via phone and in-personal design discussions.

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