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Fluke Corporate came to us to improve communication between their sales teams and the corporate office. This required evaluating the priorities and goals of the entire company and tailoring the application and content management system to each department.

The result is the Fluke Virtual Sales Assistant, or Fluke VSA, an internal corporate sales tool that goes well beyond just a mobile app; it's a fundamental shift in how Fluke and their sales networks communicate with each other and their clients.

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Real users, real usability

The Fluke VSA mobile app platform provides their vast sales network with the tools they need to track their sales engagements, receive all product and promotional info, and communicate with their leads in a whole new way. The VSA mobile app has a huge amount of functionality that had to be designed to be intuitive for any user, in any role, at any level.

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    Fluke Products

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    Resource Locator

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    Dock Navigation

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    What's New

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    Product Detail Page

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    Offline Settings

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Love this app as a tool for sales team members and distributors. Fluke does a great job at addressing reported bug and glitches. Tech support team is responsive. They also keep the app up to date with training materials, promos and announcements.

Bianca.MMG, iOS User


A Measured Approach

The nature of Fluke’s business and products are based on testing, requirements and validation. When they sought a partner to evaluate and architect their next course of action, we had no problem measuring up. From the first engagement, there has always been a compatibility between Moby and Fluke. Our alignment in philosophy and methods fosters trust and supports an environment of iterative collaboration, resulting in successful new products for both organizations.

The VSA app is a fundamental shift in how Fluke and their sales team communicate with each other and their clients.

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