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Volt Athletics was looking to bring a new software as a service product to market. Volt creates amazing data-driven conditioning programs, designed by the nation’s top physical fitness professionals coupled with their Cortex performance training AI. Cortex builds, tracks, and customizes a workout plan for each individual while keeping the goals of the team in mind.

The platform is a world class training experience delivered as a cutting edge responsive web application. It offers curated exercise routines, comprehensive progress tracking and biometric feedback, and allows coaches, trainers and athletes to compare their progress to their teammates and across the entire performance metrics database.


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Balancing complexity and usability

We knew coaches would need a huge amount of control over the system, but the sheer number of features was daunting. How to design a system that allows a user to mark a workout as complete, add notes to a workout, create injury exceptions, enter calibration data and view and print workouts, all on both an individual and group basis and without being overwhelming?

A key user insight is that coaches spend a lot of time working with data and spreadsheets, so we used the humble table as the basis for the coach interface. It can handle all the complicated bulk actions, yet it’s familiar enough to avoid overwhelming the user. It gives them access to all the most common actions as soon as they log in, and provides a top down summary of their team’s health at a glance.

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Responsive design

An athlete lifting weights at the gym has different needs than a trainer with an iPad on the field or a coach who’s sitting down to look at their team’s overall performance. Athletes can see an optimized version of their workout on their phone while training, print custom workout sheets, or even access their workout via wearable.

The entire interface was designed and built to respond to device type, screen size, and user roles to surface relevant information and actions in an elegant and easy to use interface.

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We worked in partnership with Volt to design an API that would be optimized for bulk actions, allowing a coach to update an entire team's workouts and progress in a single request. We then developed an Angular.js front-end that works in concert with the API to create an experience that's fast and fluid.

Josh Leitzel - Development lead
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A strong start

Moby helped Volt launch version 1 of a successful, engaging, and popular training platform. It was immediately embraced by their existing customer base and has since evolved to support over a million users worldwide.

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