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KUOW Smart Speaker App

Moby had the opportunity through the course of our work with KUOW to create KUOW’s smart speaker integrations.

In this day and age KUOW found that much of it's audience didn't have access to terrestrial radios in their homes, and instead were only listening while in their cars or on mobile devices. The challenge was to engage with new listeners on devices that they were already using to access music, podcasts, and internet radio.


KUOW DA Hero KUOW DA Mobile Hero


What's old is new again.

Using the just completed enterprise API we were able to create the Alexa skill and bring it to market within a week of being presented with the challenge.

Bringing radio to the next era with one of the first NRP station Alexa skills was immediately successful. Thousands of KUOW's audience embraced listening to the station in a whole new way, and now can on the Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Siri platforms.

Additionally, the skill is hosted on AWS’s auto-scaling platform with server-less architecture, so maintenance needs are also very low.

Best user feedback:

“It's just like listening to the radio – at home.”

DA Google Home Mini


Immediate adoption

If you build it they will come, and we saw KUOW's listener base come running to listen to live radio and podcasts on their smart speakers. With 4,700 Alexa sessions per week, 15,000+ active mobile app users per month, 200,000+ sessions per month, and a 74% higher retention rate compared to industry average we knew that this integration was letting KUOW engage with a whole new audience.

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