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Seattle-based Schnitzer West is one the West Coast's leading commercial real estate investment, development and property management companies. They have developed over eight million square feet of commercial real estate in the Seattle and Denver markets. Selling all that space is a tall order which is why they've partnered with us to create a suite of technology installations and apps to engage a whole new generation of businesses.

Motivated by the exponential growth of companies opening or expanding offices in Seattle, Schnitzer West designs a new generation of commercial office spaces that caters to the needs of technology companies and their employees. These potential tenants are used to being in digital environments they can control. We work with Schnitzer to develop cross-media experiences for the modern tech-savvy tenant. Together with their team, we help create sales centers that present immersive, user-driven, non-linear content built with scalable, portable and cost efficient tools.

The Madison Center property was the first of many projects we collaborated on. Schnitzer West was in the process of building a new sales center which aimed to bring the fresh, vibrant building to life for potential tenants without the benefit of the building itself. The missing key ingredient was how to let potential tenants explore the building virtually, and how to leverage that experience to impress in the sales center itself.

Browse and Explore

The Madison Centre building is a space that needs to be explored to be appreciated. We created a virtual tour that allows users to tap and swipe their way around features like rustic stone fireplaces, floor-to-ceiling windows and a 3-story living wall. The experience was designed to take advantage of web technologies to be delivered as a responsive website experience, but also be immersive on a 60" touch screen within the sales center. When viewed off-site the experience is aimed at helping the user get acquainted with the building, but within the center or via login, it is used as a key marketing tool. This dual use approach, “browse and explore” and "presentation sales tool," has been key in helping the sales team engage with future tenants.

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Schnitzer knows the amenities around the building are as important as the interior. Google Maps was a perfect choice to quickly convey this information to potential tenants. We used the theming options to deliver the benefits of a real, interactive map, styled to fit in with the Madison Centre brand.

Enhance Your View

To convey the 3D space and proportions of their buildings, real estate developers use large physical models installed in sales centers. But what if you wanted to send the model to the customer? We used Qualcomm Vuforia to create a 3D view of the building through augmented reality. Prospective tenants simply point their device at the brochure to explore a rich, virtual model of the Madison Centre campus, from any angle.

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The Urban Union development is a building squarely targeted at the growing technology and startup culture. Many of the companies opening offices in Seattle are based in the bay area. This created the interesting challenge of how to present the building to potential tenants all the way in California. Therefore, the sales center needed to be able to physically travel between the major technology company campuses, customize material on-the-go, and deliver a presentation intriguing enough to capture the attention of even the most tech savvy professionals.

The Road Less Traveled

The solution to Schnitzer West’s outreach was a mobile sales center, based out of an RV and designed from the ground up to appeal to tech-focused tenants. It traverses the west coast to spread the word (and leasing space) directly to the Urban Union target market.

Schnitzer West engaged us along with a team of other hand-picked experts, brought together to creatively solve a multidimensional challenge: create an innovative sales center that will impress. Our role was to figure out how to allow sales centers to present immersive, user-driven, non-linear content, built with scalable, portable and cost efficient tools — all designed with the modern tech-savvy tenant in mind. Additionally, we were tapped to create motion graphics and design assets to wrap presentation content into the cohesive branded presentation.

Our technology expertise, strategy and contributions helped create a comfortable, conversational environment within the presentation space, where prospective tenants could learn more about the benefits of the Urban Union property and the city of Seattle. This system put Schnitzer West's sales team in control, and worked seamlessly with multiple screens – all without breaking the budget.

Fiddle Dynamic Display Platform

The logistics of a mobile sales center presents a unique challenge. There are several stations, each displaying a separate presentation, and the experience is controlled by a single presenter who walks to each station, using a mobile device to interact with the content. Since the sales center travels to competitor companies, nothing can be outright tied to one platform or another — imagine showing up to Microsoft while controlling the presentation from an iPad. 

Additionally, the most experiential station is a video wall where content is "stitched" onto the multiple screens forming a single image. At the time there was no existing system that allows for flexible display of non-linier content with multi-device control, while providing a cost-effective and integrated hardware/software solution.

Therefore, we created the Fiddle Platform as the ideal solution for Schnitzer West's sales centers. Fiddle allows companies to create non-linear presentations that can be controlled by the presenter or customer on any device, with any operating system. The remote control is entirely web-based, allowing presenters to control any one of the experiences using any modern phone or tablet. Additionally, the technology allows for any number of screens in any configuration, and runs on inexpensive, consumer-grade hardware. Simplifying the complexity and dramatically lowering the cost of installation over other video wall/presentation solutions.

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Schnitzer West’s newest building has a prime location in the middle of Bellevue’s downtown business district, mere minutes from its target audience. Centre 425 sits next to many of the world’s largest companies, including Microsoft, Nintendo, AT&T, Eddie Bauer and T-Mobile. This time, they didn’t need to present out of an RV, and we could take advantage of a more traditional space to embody Schnitzer West's drive to provide the next generation of work spaces with a truely impressive presentation.


Fiddle Gets Big

For this project, Schnitzer West was able to establish a permanent sales center near the Centre 425 construction site. This gave the same Urban Union team of experts much more space and flexibility to convey the benefits of the property and greatly informed the content strategy and presentation style. Since the Urban Union project and Centre 425 were on parallel development tracts, we were able to develop Fiddle as flexible and extensible technology tool as opposed to a static, one-off solution.

Schnitzer West wanted to build off the prior success of the Madison Centre sales center and create a multi-stage presentation experience. This sales center has 3 single screen TVs and a giant 26-foot video wall consisting of 6 screens. Each of the TVs represent customized content experience where potential tenants can learn about building amenities, location benefits, and intuitively immerse themselves within a virtual space by experiencing it in life size on the video wall. Similarly to Urban Union, the presenter can easily control multiple single screens as well as the main video wall, allowing them to customize each presentation for the tenant.

Trusted Partnership

Schnitzer West came to us looking for a technology solution creative and flexible enough for their sales centers. As a result, a suite of multi-faceted products were created including a wide range of technologies such as; augmented reality, responsive web presentation, and our new Fiddle Dynamic Display Platform. A trusted partnership was the outcome of that vision paired with a clean execution.

Schnitzer West’s track record of successful office development is due in large part to their extensive preparation and tenant-focused research. Their exhaustive commitment to qualitative research and R&D matched our own, and made us an ideal partner to embark on some of the most ambitious and successful sales center enterprises today.

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