Meet Your New Buddy

#1 customer-rated pet insurance since 2016, Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is an excellent option for your dog or cat. They offer comprehensive coverage, have no caps on claims and provide unlimited benefits and lifetime coverage.

Healthy Paws was the first pet insurance company to have an app and do away with requiring a claim form. In that same effort, they wanted to expand their tech side with the creation of a utilitarian app that make managing your pet’s information easily and effortlessly.

Buddy was conceptualized to help liberate your time so you could enjoy the things you love. As your personal virtual pet assistant, Buddy would be capable of helping you set reminders, fetch vaccination information, create care notes, submit a claim to your pet insurance company and so much more.

The Challenge

We didn’t want Buddy to just have your run-of-the-mill stoic chatbot. Buddy needed go beyond the decision tree and be able to comprehend context-aware requests

Laying It All Out

Moby and Healthy Paws took to Trello to outline all the possible features that could be in Buddy. As you can see, we had a multitude of ideas—the sky was the limit.

Our main focus with all the features was that we didn’t want to impede on the main functionality of the app itself—managing your pet’s information. We re-visited the list and narrowed it down to what best suited the app.

Keeping the Conversation Going

How would the user interact with Buddy? What was Buddy’s personality? How natural would the conversation be? These were all taken into consideration as we started curating the scripts for all the possible interactions Buddy would be involved in.

Adding Personality

Another layer of Buddy was that he needed to evoke the personality of the eager-to-please dog that is perfectly content following the commands of his owner. We didn’t want Buddy to seem so overbearing and too laid back. A common ground would need to be scripted out. 

Wireframing, UX and Design

Chatbot aside, we also had the challenge of how we were going to approach a feature-rich app with the least amount of visual disturbance. 

After defining the information hierarchy, it was now time to lay it all out on paper — so to speak. We chose to design Buddy via a card-based layout. By using cards, we gained the advantages of adaptive design, scan-ability and communicating chunks of information in a digestible way. 

The Journey is Just Getting Started

This project took a slight change in course and was converted to a design only project. It was decided that a solely utilitarian app wasn’t the route that Healthy Paws wanted to go. No worries though. We didn’t have to start from ground zero and were able to take the learnings from this phase and apply it the new version of the app. Read about Phase II of the app.

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