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Pictopia: Disney Edition

Forrest-Pruzan Creative and Wonder Forge are makers of original board games including Disney, Hello Kitty and Star Wars branded games.

They came to us with a desire to create an iOS and Android companion app to the best-selling Pictopia: Disney Edition board game. It's a game of teamwork — with a competitive twist. Forrest-Pruzan Creative provided the design, but they needed us to build it on iOS and Android using Unity 3D as the one-to-many publishing platform.


  • iOS
  • Android
Pictopia Hero Pictopia Mobile Hero


Rethinking family game night

The board game is a visual trivia game where players race around a board by correctly guessing the movies, quotes, or characters presented on a card. This is a fun Disney fan favorite, but as with any trivia game can be become boring with repeated play. To remedy this mobile game was created that greatly expanded the amount of cars in the stack, brought all new interactive elements to the gameplay, and even created new play modes – like single player.

Keeping it Fresh

Each question “card” appears in a certain order on the first play. On subsequent play-throughs, the cards are shuffled, and the ones already seen are removed. They will only repeat after all cards have been played so the gameplay stays fresh and engaging.

Pictopia Screen Questions

...The game is completely and thoroughly thought out. You will not run into any unanswered questions in the rules. I love that the questions relate to Disney movies, some relate to other players, and some are regarding the actual Disney parks! It is such a fun game, I don't care who you are! Anyone would enjoy it...

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Pictopia Box Game
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