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The who and why of Moby

We're a team of designers, strategists and engineers from diverse backgrounds. We share a common fascination with how well-designed products can impact our lives — and even change the world.

Our Mantras

Design what you can build.

Through a close partnership between our creative and engineering teams, everything we design is anchored in realistic technical architecture.

Always be honest.

Our clients and partners trust us enough to share their best ideas. Building a product is often challenging in and of itself, and the best products require honesty and collaboration. We treat every partner like they're part of Moby. Because, really, they are.

Trust your team.

Whether working internally or with clients, our teams rely on each other. Everyone here is the best at what they do, and we do our best work together

Clients & Partners

We build amazing things, but not on our own. We encourage a process of experimentation and collaboration with our internal teams, clients and partners. Here are a few of the companies who've helped make our projects a success.


We worked with Adobe to offer a host of content management and delivery platform solutions for both consumer and enterprise.

Gimbal Platform

We partnered with Gimbal to bring their macro-location, geofencing, and proximity beacon technology to Unity 3d.

Craft CMS

We partner with Craft to provide custom commerce solutions that are a joy for you and your customers to interact with.

Where We Work

United States

We're located in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, just north of downtown.

3401 Fremont Ave. N. #241
Seattle, WA 98103

(877) 580-6629



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