Great solutions take great people

Moby is a team of smart and innovative designers, strategists, and engineers who craft digital products people love. We share a common fascination with how well-designed products can impact our lives — and even change the world.


The studio is privately owned and run by Tim Moser (Mo-) and James Jacoby (-by). James brings an impressive resume and passion for all things development. He's been creating cutting edge experiences since Flash was all the rage. Tim's background is in design and user experience, and evangelizes for close design and development collaboration.

History of Moby

Moby was created in reaction to agency work that Tim and James were seeing at the time. It was slow, inefficient, and it treated the client as an outsider. They wanted to work some place where collaboration between design, development, and strategy were embraced and nourished.

Moby started as a two person team with big ideas on how to bring the third person, the client, into that team.


We are a smart, dedicated, and passionate crew who loves working in the digital world. Our office reflects our culture; bright, friendly, open, and yet peaceful and focused. We're a team that gets together for spirited brainstorming sessions and then focus on the task at hand while listening to our favorite tunes.

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A key ingredient to the success of a project is the clients we're working with. We're proud to have partnered with many great brands - big and small - since 2010.

Where We Work

We love the Pacific Northwest – its mountains, its waters, its people, its vibe. Maybe not its weather.

United States

We're located in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, just north of downtown.

3401 Fremont Ave. N. #241
Seattle, WA 98103

(877) 580-6629