Community Improvement, One Project at a Time

Neighborhood SOS brings grassroots community improvement into the digital age with Kickstarter style crowd sourced funding platform.

Grassroots Goes Digital

Neighborhood SOS was inspired by the harrowing experience of trying to get a pothole fixed. Founder Greg Petry found the current system to be frustratingly bureaucratic. Greg knew it was up to him to create a better way. With Moby’s help, we strategized a web platform ecommerce concept that would allow passionate residents, community organizations and corporations to create and invest in neighborhood improvement projects through a friendly and intuitive interface. 

Greg needed the visuals to sell Neighborhood SOS to potential investors and a strategy that would set the project up for success. Together we outlined the basic interactions required for the concept to work and the screens needed to show those features. Our delivery was a the design screens of a delightful interface exploring a possible execution of the Neighborhood SOS product.

"Kickstarter" for Community Improvement

The concept is based on grassroots rallying, with a 21st century approach. The system works through easy-to-navigate categories of projects, called SOS’s. This Kickstarter for community improvement empowers committed individuals, known as Neighborhood Leaders, to call attention, and drive ecommerce based fundraising campaigns.

A Step by Step Guide for Improving Your Community

Find an existing SOS to invest in, or create new projects. Send out your SOS to the public via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. After locating and contributing to projects, users are provided a comprehensive dashboard with helpful information, such as the project’s donation target, number of investors, how donations are being spent, and a timeline of the project’s progress including before, during and after photos. And, to drive interest in-person, a “Neighborhood SOS Kit”, complete with printable yard signs, mail campaign supplies, and introductory handout materials, is provided to every Neighborhood Leader.

Neighborhood SOS makes it simple, fun, and rewarding to create projects of virtually any size, from the pothole in front of your home, to the vacant lot that dreams of becoming a playground.

  • Location

    When posting a new project, users first select the city, then the neighborhood under which the project will be featured.

  • Project Type

    Neighborhood Leaders can create one of the multiple project types.

  • Donation Type

    Neighborhood SOS supports a combination of monetary donations, or volunteer hours.

  • Customize

    Detail pages allow users to describe their projects using images, gifs and videos to attract attention to the project.

  • Promote

    Promote on Facebook and Twitter, and use our Neighborhood Kits to call attention to project locations with customized signs.

  • Complete

    When projects are completed, Neighborhood SOS provides a full recap, including photos, videos and budget spend.

Speeding the Process Along

Local municipalities care deeply about their residents and communities, but they are overburdened and underfunded. As a result, revitalization projects for improving parks and repairing roads are slow to get off the ground.

Meanwhile, many businesses are looking for ways to give back to their communities and increase their local standing. Neighborhood SOS allows businesses to show their support for the communities they serve, by sponsoring, donating towards, and promoting projects that improve neighborhoods, and lives. Leveraging the power of  business combined with the local community, projects get funded and finished faster.

Involving The Community

When a user comes to the website, we automatically promote ongoing projects in their city. From there, users can select their neighborhood to see even more personalized results. The platform strategy focuses on personalization to drive maximum user engagement.

Flexible Support

Depending on the project, some SOS’s need donations and some need volunteers. We allow users to choose how they want to support the project. Community members can always help make their neighborhoods better regardless of their financials.

Local Heroes

Neighborhood SOS users are the heart of the platform. They create, fund and power the projects. In each neighborhood page, we set aside a section for Local Heroes: people who have contributed the most to that community. This creates a sense of camaraderie among the users.

Community Improvement, the Next Steps

Strategy projects are exciting because we get to participate in the very beginning stages of defining the platform. The Neighborhood SOS concept harnesses the success of crowd funding to inspire citizens to improve their environment. We are excited to see the ways in which Neighborhood SOS will continue to evolve and grow.

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