Fiddle is a platform for creating dynamic presentations that work flawlessly across single or multiple displays.

Dynamic Display Platform

Presentations are increasingly reliant on compelling visuals to engage audiences. With Fiddle, you get a level of interactivity, control and capabilities that standard presentation solutions can’t match.

Dynamic, Non Linear Presentations

Fiddle allows the user to move between sections of content seamlessly. It's akin to navigating a website or mobile app – allowing you to present content in whatever order you'd like, based on audience feedback and timing.

Multiple Screens, Any Configuration

Design completely custom configurations for your content based on the number of screens in your installation. Fiddle can control a single display, a video wall or a mixture of both. Control your entire space with a single solution.

Inexpensive, Commodity Hardware

Reduce hardware costs and man-hours by eliminating the need for proprietary equipment. Fiddle runs on widely-available, consumer-level hardware.

Mobile Engagement on a Global Advertising Network

Fiddle fully integrates your dynamic display with the Gimbal™ location and proximity-based mobile engagement platform.

Advertising and Informational Display

Fiddle offers the wow-factor of traditional display solutions without the need for bulky, expensive hardware, proprietary equipment or presentation design. Easily display unique, contextual content on any number of screens.*

  • In-venue Looping

    In its simplest implementation, Fiddle can be used as a traditional informational or advertising display, easily looping videos, imagery and background audio.

  • Interactive

    Swap content using various methods: a presenter remote control, users directly interacting with a touch-enabled screen or through user/presenter proximity.

  • Fully Customizable

    Fiddle was built with complex interactive presentations in mind. Add custom video-based transitions, trigger audio and multimedia events and much more.

  • Small Footprint

    Fiddle has very simple hardware requirements, making it ideal for pop-up and mobile displays.

  • Economical

    Reduce hardware costs by eliminating the need for proprietary equipment. It runs on widely-available, consumer-level hardware.

  • Hyper-personalized

    Support hands-free and hyper-personalized on-screen information via the Gimbal location and proximity-based mobile engagement platform.

* Screen display count may be expanded through the addition of devices, such as computers or display breakout boxes.

Our friends at Schnitzer West use Fiddle to power two of their sales centers. See how Fiddle is helping Urban Union take their show on the road — literally.

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