Tim Moser

Chief Creative Officer, Founder

Tim Moser manages the overall aesthetic and visual direction for Moby. Tim and his partner, James Jacoby, founded Moby in 2011 with the goal of bringing the principles of product usability and interaction design to the web and mobile space. Moby has since grown from a small startup to a leading technology research and development firm based in Seattle, Washington.

Products are more than simply a collection of features — a product becomes truly useful when its features are the logical conclusion of a longer process to understand the desire and intent of the user, rather than the goals in and of themselves.

Tim was an early pioneer of combining information architecture, visual design and development into a single practice now known as UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) — now an industry standard. Today, Tim is the driver for new models of interaction design and visual languages for Moby's largest clients and partners, as well as the products and tools developed in-house.

Before co-founding Moby, Tim was an interface and interaction design consultant, creating progressive and award-winning web and on-device interfaces for many of the world’s largest brands, including The Walt Disney Company, T-Mobile, XBOX, Microsoft, Nokia and the WPP Group. Tim was also the creative lead for Depict, Makeshift Games’ hit competitive drawing game and one of the most popular iOS titles of 2012. Makeshift Games is now a subsidiary of Moby, Inc. and continues to design and publish games for leading mobile platforms.

Tim earned his a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication from Northwest College of Art. He’s an avid hiker, long boarder, skier, snowboarder, and strives to be the best “Fun Dad” imaginable.