James Jacoby

Chief Technology Officer, Founder

James Jacoby helps our clients discover how well-built products and services can enable them to engage with their customers and build their businesses. Since 2011, James and his partner, Tim Moser, have grown Moby from a small startup to a leading technology research and development firm based in Seattle, Washington.

Engineering is, in itself, an art form, and is inherently linked to design. Each discipline informs the other, which leads to a highly usable, but also highly scalable product. Combined with an informed go-to-market strategy, there’s virtually nothing that’s not achievable here at Moby.

James is the rare breed of software architect who analyzes products both from a technology and user perspective. This comprehension is imbued in every aspect of Moby’s methodology, from hiring choices to product design. James is the architect for many of Moby’s most challenging internal, client and partner products, where he serves the dual role of chief software designer and user advocate.

Prior to co-creating Moby, James spent more than a decade as a multitalented software architect and consultant. He worked on award-winning consumer products and experimental research and development projects with many of the world largest brands, including The Walt Disney Company, T-Mobile, Microsoft and the WPP Group. He also founded Makeshift Games, creators of the hit competitive drawing app, Depict. Makeshift Games is now a subsidiary of Moby, Inc. and continues to design and publish games for leading mobile platforms.

James received a BS in Computer Software Systems from the University of Washington, and continues to experiment and update his skills in software architecture and hardware engineering. James is a regular contributor to Moby Labs.

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