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Gimbal SDK for Unity Plug-in

We partnered with Gimbal™ to pair their leading location and proximity-based mobile engagement platform with the Unity® Engine, the world’s most widely-used development platform for creating multi-platform 3D and 2D games and interactive experiences. With our plug-in, developers can now integrate the Gimbal suite of software and development tools into their Unity Engine projects simply and efficiently – enabling entirely new categories of location-aware games and applications for iOS and Android.

  • Automatic Install

    Automatically installs and configures the Gimbal™ SDK with every build.

  • Seamless Communication

    Creates a seamless communication layer between your app’s scripts and the Gimbal™ native SDK.

  • Additional App Meta-Events

    Adds additional app meta-events on top of default Gimbal™ SDK events.

​Context Awareness

Context awareness is the ability to understand the customer’s interests, locations and habits. This benefits both retailers and customers by delivering more personalized, timely and relevant content, leading to higher click-through rates, faster conversion, more sales and superior customer loyalty.

​Full Digital Ownership

Gimbal beacons transmit a unique rolling, encrypted ID to ensure digital ownership of your proximity network. Gimbal has earned TRUSTe certification for consumer-controlled privacy, is an advisory board member of the Future of Privacy Forum and delivers industry-leading security via its secure software and transmissions.

​VIP Treatment

Understand who attends your events, not just who purchased tickets. Learn about their specific interests and precise location in and around your venue. Manage proximity and location-based mobile experiences for each user through personalization.

Plug-in now available in the Unity Asset Store.

Compatible with iOS and Android.

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How can you use Gimbal?

Creating games, mapping venues, creating richer on-site experiences for your customers – our Gimbal SDK for Unity Plug-in can make it happen.


Precise In-Venue Wayfinding

Integrate your app with hyper-precise mapping and contextual information for sporting venues, retails stores, museums, zoos and corporate offices. Use beacons to connect users, trigger offeres, or simply give a guided tour.


Gaming, Scavenger Hunts

Enhance real-time gaming, contests and scavenger hunts with location-aware waypoints and triggers – even bring contextually-aware creatures and characters to life.


​Hands-Free interactions

We've incorporated Gimbal™ functionality into Fiddle, our dynamic presentation platform, to create totally hands-free, multi-display interactive content for any environment.


Augmented and Virtual Reality

We used augmented reality — via Qualcomm® Vuforia™ Mobile Vision Platform — to help Schnitzer West create a tour of their newest skyscraper, offering future occupants a tour of their office space in precise, location-accurate 3D, years before completion.

The Gimbal SDK for Unity Plug-in is available now for your dev-ing pleasure.

Download on the Unity Asset Store