Products & Tools

When we’re not building great products for our clients and partners, we’re working on a few things of our own. Every product we make is available under a variety of licensing models, with a range of support and integration options. Our tools and experiments are here for the taking.


Carrot Promotions Platform

Contests and promotions don’t need to feel stale and static. Our Carrot contest and promotion platform is the easiest way to build compelling competitions that motivate consumers and incentivize sales teams.

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Fiddle Dynamic Display Platform

Fiddle is a highly portable, inexpensive solution for driving interactive content across multiple screens. Our platform allows organizations to create non-linear presentations, configured for any number of screens, on common commodity hardware.

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Gimbal™ SDK for Unity® Plugin

We partnered with Gimbal™ to bring their location and proximity-based mobile engagement platform to the Unity® Engine. Combine geofencing, Bluetooth Low Energy beacons, analytics with multi-platform 3D and 2D games and interactive experiences. Available for iOS & Android in The Unity Asset Store.

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Anode Communication SDK

Anode is an incredibly flexible SDK of client and server-side libraries for easily connecting custom APIs to web and native applications. Anode offers quick integrations across JavaScript, iOS and Android, requiring as little code as possible – so you can develop and integrate more maintainable APIs, faster.

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Some ideas are too good not to share. Whenever we come up with something useful we like to pay it forward to the community. Read, use, modify, share – make something awesome.

We <3 Software

Third-party software helps us save time and money, and get creative without reinventing the wheel. Here are a few of the products and tools we rely on every day.

Craft's polished UI and ease of customization make it easy for us to roll out CMS-backed sites that are a joy for content editors and site visitors alike.

I love how easy it is to add a new project in the Github desktop app. I get immediate feedback when there are updates to my project’s codebase, and being able to see the changes is very helpful.

Tim Moser - Chief Creative Officer, Founder