Why We Work Here

We're a group of self-starters who value innovative projects, teamwork and room to grow. We know company culture is always evolving and we try to keep this a fun place to work. These are a few of our favorite reasons for working here:

  • Bragging Rights

    We're technology-forward, so we're often the first to figure out how to make something work.

  • We Like Each Other

    We’re a community of analytical designers and artistic developers.

  • Failure is an Option

    Fear stifles innovation. So we encourage experimentation, even if it means missing the mark a few times.

  • Center of the Universe

    We have offices in the awesomely quirky Seattle neighborhood of Fremont.

  • We're All Thumbs

    When people do something awesome, we celebrate it. We hand out praise like candy. (We also have candy.)

  • We Have a Boat

    For reals. It's moored between Lake Washington and Lake Union, perfectly located for summer field trips.


We are currently seeking an intermediate-level web developer to join our team full-time.


Web Developer

In the web dev role, you’ll be involved in a variety of projects ranging from start-up products, games, apps for established companies, internal projects and research & development.

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Where We Work

United States

We're located in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, just north of downtown.

3401 Fremont Ave. N. #241
Seattle, WA 98103

(877) 580-6629



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