Tara Ward

Project Lead & Operations Manager

Tara’s love for all things organized lead her to the dual role of Project Lead and Operations Manager at Moby where she directs projects from new business through to product delivery and oversees the organizational operations of the business.

With 10 years of project and account management under her belt, Tara is known for her grace under pressure and leads her project teams with equal parts drive, foresight, and humor. She has managed projects for clients such as Intel-GE Care Innovations, Babolat, Weyerhaeuser, and Fluke.

Tara spends the rest of her time at Moby ensuring and improving the business’s performance, efficiency, and profitability. She also throws a mean holiday party.

In a previous life, Tara spent her days creating and managing PR campaigns, developing messaging platforms, and crafting all manner of press materials for companies such as Microsoft Xbox and The Home Depot.

A graduate of Pepperdine University, Tara earned her Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations with an outside emphasis in Business Administration. She is a native Seattlite, but also has been lucky enough to call Italy and France home.