Corey Johnson

Android Developer

Corey Johnson is a mobile developer with a passion for user focused design in both the development of applications and the process in which they're made. With a background doing both customer support and leading development efforts on a variety of niche, custom software for individuals (both technical and non-technical), Corey is well equipped with the skills to provide personal solutions and present them in an easily digested manner. 

Corey has roughly 3 years of experience building native Android applications, and 2 years of front end web development experience. He graduated from Green River College with a Bachelors of Applied Science in Software Development.

Corey enjoys doing game development in his free time, always having had an interest in 3D art and design. He is always looking to find ways to push the player experience outside what the norm would be, in hopes to find a new and exciting form of control for users. Aside from this, Corey enjoys hiking and camping, as well as reading when the opportunity arises.