Chris D'Annunzio

Senior Mobile Developer

Chris D’Annunzio is a seasoned Sr. Software Engineer with a creative passion for building well-designed and unique solutions. He wants to make your mobile app shine.

At Moby, Chris has been the primary developer on a number of iOS and Android mobile apps, as well as other projects including the Fiddle presentation platform. He enjoys working closely with our designers to come up with elegant solutions that we can build.

Chris has over 15 years of diverse, professional experience prior to joining Moby. He has worked on shipped client-server enterprise software, highly-scalable websites and database applications, as well as mobile apps, which is his current passion.

Software engineering is an inherently creative process and outside of work, Chris enjoys exploring the ways in which software can be used for creative expression. He enjoys tinkering with iPhones, Arduinos, 3D printers and other hardware to create unexpected works, such as the Street Weeper, which is a custom hardware and software creation that prints designs in water on the street.

Chris earned a Bachelor’s of science in Computer Software Systems from the University of Washington.