Alex Flenniken

Software Engineer

Alexander Flenniken is a full-stack web developer with seven years (and four continents) of experience, specializing in clean, usable APIs and human-inspired UI/UX.

It's { anObj } AND NOT {anObj} okay?
Yes, I know it doesn’t matter.
No, I will not stop yelling.

In Europe, Asia, the United States and Australia, he has taken on large and small projects, converting business objectives into clean, maintainable code and attractive interfaces.

The kind of guy who cares about semicolons, tabs and testing (no, no and yes), Alexander’s came to development by way of entrepreneurship, writing and filmmaking, and in all pursuits feels most at home at the intersection between the human and the technical.

Whether writing content for his blog, developing open source software or daydreaming about ever-cleaner programming languages, Alexander is a listmaker, an obsessive researcher and above all a lover of learning.